Reverie (pronounced rev-uhh-ree) means to be lost in one’s dreams. And that is how I feel when designing and creating this space for other photographers. To be in a dream. To be in a location full of inspiration surrounded by other like minded individuals that are caught up in the same dream. The term workshop I don’t feel necessarily appeals to what I have been giving the past few years, because honestly, I believe “pretty pictures,” will be the last thing you leave with. Your soul will be fostered, your spirit will be edified, your creativity will be replenished.. your connection with the earth and humans will be stronger. This is what I wish for you when attending Reverie. 


The fact is, I f*ckin loved this workshop. If I could tattoo all the names of the girls that attended on my ass, I would.

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Talk about unreal, staying on a house – on a cliff – on the Amalfi Coast was a dream that I still have not awoken

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In July of this year, 2019, a group of amazing women met in my favorite place..Maui. There is something SO sacred about this land that

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A rad workshop inspired by the best decade, 1990s! We stayed in a fly home in Dallas, Texas that fueled our teenage dreams. Multiple shoots

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About Me

The Lord is my guiding light, all my creativity belongs to Him – as I would not be able to do what I do without His blessing. The seasons of life change ever so quickly, or they can change ever so slowly. I am in the ‘so quickly’ stage as my 15-year-old is in high school and my 11-year-old is in middle. AND my husband is about to retire from the United States Marine Corps almost 21 years later. When they say life is short, life is short… it’s not a lie, so live as you were called to live… to love all and serve all. ALSO, enjoy the music, find a new song everyday – here is one for you if you do not know it, “Family/Best is Yet to Come,” by Judah & The Lion.  

“The world is for us to share.
Not for one to own.”

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