The Simple Things.

A simple song popped up on my Spotify the other day, and the lyrics were so impactful, yet the tune only lasted a minute and a half. This is what most of it read,

“Nothin is what I need. Everything is already here for me. The most important things in life are mutual and free….it’s easy to buy things, it’s easy to say things, it’s easy to wish for things but it’s hard to abide by the hard work. I know it takes me to recognize that I am already good inside…Believe in yourself no matter what and when you’re at the top, enjoy the view. Dear every single person, ever..I think I love you.”  – The View, by DAO

That line, right there.. the most important things in life are mutual and free. I was taught this as a child, to find the richness in nature – human connection – God. These things will bring you the greatest joy.. probably reason a million and one that I love what I get to do.. Create photographs with a gift given to me by our Creator to have human connection in the God Given nature.



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Intimacy has the ability to show up in every part of your life. From the conversations you have, to the hugs you share, to the unspoken energy. It’s there and it’s my favorite place to be. I seek to be in the wave of intimacy when my hand and eye meet another.  I seek to be in the intimate adage of verbal and physical transactions.