Milky Way

GO BEHIND THE SCENES WITH ME – on an ENTIRE session with FOUR children. I will break down piece by piece on how I styled that family of six and how I approach styling on commissioned clients and workshops. AND this same link takes you behind the scenes of 17 other photographers in the industry! INCLUDING Stormy Solis and Jody Lynn! 

Milky Way 2019

This course will take you behind the scenes on how I style clients, shoot large families AND this same link takes you behind the scenes of 17 other photographers in the industry! INCLUDING Stormy Solis and Jody Lynn! 

Behind the Scenes Video - Nostalgic Family Fun

This is a behind the scenes video of a family of four – I have included simple props to bring excitement to the session. Mom is also dressed real casual (jeans and sweater) so that you can see how I used this to create something different! 

When you purchase the video, I will include the entire gallery of images this family received so that you can see what was captured! 

I used a mix of editing, between Kayla Locke’s presets and G Presets in the final editing stages. 

Oklahoma One Day Workshop

Come join me at my favorite gem of Oklahoma – Medicine Park, for a 24 hour workshop. We will meet at 3pm on MAY 20th and end at 3pm on the 21st. This will be only for 5 women, so that one on one time can be guaranteed and a small group to photograph our family! Stay the night as a group in our cozy cabin minutes from the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. 

Included: The cabin, wine & snacks inside, teaching and styled session. 

If you are not local to Oklahoma and will not be driving in, there is an airport in Lawton that you can uber to cabin from.  

Cost: [ $1200 ] Immediate deposit of $400 required, remainder of $800 due prior to workshop date. 

Behind the Scenes
Video + Editing

Follow over my shoulder with this family of three photo session.. with a toddler that had her own agenda and how to still create emotive work with subtle movements, choice of placement with the sun, guiding the “what do I do with my hands” saga and so much more. 

In the email I will discuss what tools I use for editing (even if you only purchase the BTS video and not the editing video ) why 99% of connecting with your client comes BEFORE the arrival to a shoot and also, choosing wardrobe that may be out of your clients “norm.” 

This editing video shows all my befores with camera settings and how Tricia Victoria Gold Presets are pretty amazing with one click, if you are wanting that gold tone! I will drag images into Photoshop for the skin smoothing portion and simple tweaks to the image that make a world of difference. 

You can purchase just the BTS video for $75 (on sale now for $45) or combine with the screen sharing editing video of the session for $95 (sale now for $55).

Frame by Frame
Session Workflow

A 50 minute video tutorial on how I edited this session in Lightroom with presets from Tribe Archipelago and SMAL with the prompts I gave to help create the images! All for $59 (on sale now for $39).


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