Rescheduled for 2021.

I keep hearing – the need for peace – the need to quiet the noise.  Sometimes getting outside of ourselves is often just an exercise in itself to even getting in. Into our brains, into our souls, into our messy hearts that scare the crud out of us. I believe in timing, I believe in the perfect combustion of people and places. Did you know that Portugal was rated the top most peaceful country? I didn’t either until I had already confirmed all these plans for the next Reverie Revival to take place. Why do I keep hearing the word, “peace.” And why now? Is it what my heart needs, your heart needs? I can only rely on the heavy truth that things happen for a reason and this is one of them.


I am married to a Portuguese man and let me tell you, that family and the culture is something everyone should experience. The food, the music, the’s strong, it’s infectious. We will take  legit camper vans along the coastline, close to the towns (walking will have to occur) to experience the history of this amazing place. To find the peace that is known to be there and within ourselves.


Van pick up will be November 6th, 2021 and we will cruise the coastline and inland the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th..dropping vans off morning of the 10th in Faro. A complete/tentative timeline will be given to all attendees prior to trip – this way it gives us all the opportunity to do our own research and if there is somewhere you want to go, we go. Also the opportunity exists FOR YOU TO relax and not be in control for once.



If you have not followed along the past two years of Reverie Revivals, they are for the soul. You will be amazed at what van living, traveling with other like minded women, photographers, story tellers, free of distraction week life feels like..There’s a revelation that happens within your soul that somehow connects you deeper than you have let your mind go in long time. If you are like me, there is always an on button but not an off.. there’s always a pressure to keep things afloat and I do not allow myself to reflect or close up wounds that have been neglected. When traveling, van living, camping, exploring, talking to unbiased women, there comes a healing that you knew you needed but didn’t know how to achieve. For four nights and five days, you will feel this sense of belonging to something greater and the longing to explore the unknown. We will take the vans around the coastline and park near the towns that will require us to walk to explore. We will kinda look like a paparazzi mafia tribe but that’s ok, because we share the images we take with each other. That is the best part, no competition, no comparing…just shooting for straight FEELING! No pressure or expectancies.


The passion for photography, being a female and ok with sharing a camper van with two other women. And just being primitive – unplugged – campfire smelling for a short while. American drivers licenses are adequate to drive the vans in Portugal, if you are coming from another country I will ask the company on your behalf. You will need to fly into Faro, passport and ability to walk/hike distances.


The cost is $2,000 total. The deposit of $500 is due upon accepting the invite to attend this years Reverie Revival. Payment plans will be set up for final payment on October 1st. Flights in/out of Portugal are not covered, please research costs of flights before applying. I, myself, found that it was cheaper (by like a thousand dollars) to drive 5 hours north to another airport and fly out of there than my local one. So look around! ALSO, for me I have to arrive before because my flight is super long..You can fly into Lisbon but will need to find a ride to Faro, Faro is where we will pick the vans up at. Camper vans, gas for the travel, food inside vans, campsite/parking fees are covered for the 5 days. Your purchases at stores and eating out will be your responsibility.


Ah! I would LOVE to hear your heart and where you are at in this season of life. Why is Portugal and traveling in a van calling your name? This is important..there will be up to 8 other women besides you (3 vans total) for this trip and I know there is NO WAY I can make every personality match, but I do my absolute best and REQUIRE interaction in the Facebook group prior to trip to ensure there is commraoditry. Please email me at to receive a response email for this workshop. I will be accepting these stories and making decisions/invites the first of March. Upon accepting invite, the deposit is required immediately. So please, please, be serious when applying.. I would hate to fall in love with your email to me and eager to share this experience with you and then you weren’t all in.


Here are the past two trips of Reverie Revival.. first one took place in the PNW and second one was in Big Sur.






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Intimacy has the ability to show up in every part of your life. From the conversations you have, to the hugs you share, to the unspoken energy. It’s there and it’s my favorite place to be. I seek to be in the wave of intimacy when my hand and eye meet another.  I seek to be in the intimate adage of verbal and physical transactions. 

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