[ ALREADY HAPPENED! What a dream! ]

Update* Reverie Moab 2023 happened in May. The most adventurous souls yet! They wanted the adventure, they wanted the spicy sessions! It was an incredible group of women I am forever grateful for!!

We had three sessions, two couples + one family at sunset. We hiked to two arches, went on a few Jeep trails. Teaching happens in the in-between moments, they ask questions, I answer and share.. they see how I flow through my sessions and what I am inspired by. Moab is for the wild heart, the ones that learn from the earth, from observing, asking, searching and finding.




Original Workshop Listing Details:

We woke at sunrise, I promised them it would be worth it. I could see some hesitation but there was a feeling in the air that there was a purpose. 

Standing at the entrance of the trail head you could see the largest boulder with tiny specks of humans hiking up. The end, the arch, was not visible.. you couldn’t see what you were heading towards – only a promise that something was there waiting for you. 

The wind and cold breeze was unusual for that time of year, it made for more resistance going up. We started to stagger paces, as this was a group hike but an individual challenge. What could we do, how hard could we push, our body is stronger than our minds at times and the challenge to reach the promise was all some of us we’re left with. 

As I personally reached the bowl, the amphitheater of such, to see this freestanding arch, I was joined by a few of my twelve girls. They all began to reach the summit at their own pace and you could see them all take a deep breath, finally. 

Not all had arrived by the time I stood back up to start the descend. So I decided to hike back down and search for her. There she was. Tears streaming down her face, I knew she was having a moment..moment of finding her own strength, that she could do this regardless of what her mind was telling her. I knew not to ask questions, I already knew the answer. I turned around and began hiking back up, holding her spirit in my hand as I showed her the path. When she arrived to the promise, she was greeted by all the girls cheering, hugging and smiling for her. For all of us, as we had collectively done this! 

Reverie Moab. The workshop that teaches you to let go. The few days of your life that you’ll talk about until you can no longer speak. The space to create without limits. 



2023. Fourth year of me hosting this adventurous retreat. 


May 9th – 12th 

I will provide three lifted Jeeps, sitting on air downed, ready to go, 37” tires. An Airbnb that will house all 12 of us, shared rooms/beds. Snacks and wine in house.. 

We will have sunset shoots each night (3 nights) and daytime adventures. The sessions will be of couples and families. 

Leading up to workshop, our private FB group will contain education so that I can provide answers to many questions before workshop – this way we can work on things talked about! 

Flight to Moab ( Canyonland airport or you can fly to Salt Lake City and drive down ) and eating out are not covered. 

House will be open to you on May 8th (recommend arriving night before so that we can hit the trails morning of the 9th)..workshop officially starts May 9th when we pick up the Jeeps! 

How to Apply. 

Please email me – introduce yourself and why this Moab workshop speaks to your soul. 

Once you accept my invite to join Reverie Moab, deposit of $600 is required immediately to secure your spot. 

Total cost for workshop is 2900 ( 600 deposit is applied.) Remainder is due by April 15th, 2023. 

Intimacy has the ability to show up in every part of your life. From the conversations you have, to the hugs you share, to the unspoken energy. It’s there and it’s my favorite place to be. I seek to be in the wave of intimacy when my hand and eye meet another.  I seek to be in the intimate adage of verbal and physical transactions.