In July of this year, 2019, a group of amazing women met in my favorite place..Maui. There is something SO sacred about this land that I have held tight to for years. This workshop actually elevated how I felt about Hawai’i..sharing the love and Aloha with a real elopement, a local family session and of course we stayed in an amazing Ohana home. 

We floated in the sea, ate local foods, learned so much that it was extremely hard to say goodbye. These girls hold a VERY special place in my heart for sharing Reverie with me in Maui. 



Intimacy has the ability to show up in every part of your life. From the conversations you have, to the hugs you share, to the unspoken energy. It’s there and it’s my favorite place to be. I seek to be in the wave of intimacy when my hand and eye meet another.  I seek to be in the intimate adage of verbal and physical transactions.