Realtor Branding Photos FUNNY! Little Rock Arkansas

“Buy a house today, buy a house from Jay.” That is our tagline. But let me tell you where it started!!

Cooking eggs (me), in my creative flow apparently..had this idea of doing a shoot for a realtor. Nothing against current headshots for realtors, but I generally don’t feel personality when I look at them.

SOOOO.. GREEN EGGS AND HAM! Yes, Sam I am.. that’s it! This was my inspiration from cooking eggs. My thought was, realtors can sell and list, take calls, all the things from anywhere! I can list you a house from here, I sell you a home from there..get the correlation?

Enter Jay, a local real estate agent. I got invited to his birthday party, Taylor Swift themed and I just knew. His quirkiness was going to be perfect for this concept! Not only was his personality perfect but he is also a musician and songwriter so he had PUNS already forming in his head when I told him the idea! Will drop those below too!

First shoot! The gym. Just go through this whole blog so you understand the concept! I have been sitting on these photos for months now because I love the vision and the pictures so much; but I want them to be received the same! PLEASE ENJOY!


** Don’t sweat this market! 

** A realtors two favorite days: Leg day and Closing day! 

**Running comps is my cardio! 

** Namaste in this house!

** Sweating it out so you don’t have to! 


(next up..golfing, bowling and James Bond)


GOLFING!! The puns for this shoot include (courtesy of Jay!)

**Keeping you in the green. 

**FORE sale! 

** Above par.

** Driven to find your next home! 

** The housing market can be rough, use a realtor you can trust!

** Known for treating you the fairway!

** This realtor is known for his follow through! 


Jay Bond: (aka James Bond)

**Houses are forever (“diamonds are forever.”)

**Live to Buy another day! 

**Dr. Yes

**Shaken by your last agent? Let me stir up some offers. 

**Live and Let Buy!

**License to sell

**Quantom of SOLD IT! 

**Real Estate double agent.. I can help you buy, AND sell! 

featuring Kimberly, his amazing wife!


And for the last shoot we did of this branding series, was at the Bowling Alley! 

Puns for this shoot included:

**STRIKE while the market is hot! 

**Let me spare you the hassle of selling alone

**This realtor is right up your alley

**Split happens.

**That’s just how I roll. 

**Don’t end up in the gutter!

**Looking to buy or sell? Let’s get the ball rolling! 


I can NOT thank Jay enough for seeing this vision come to life! He is absolutely brilliant in his social, personal life and of course business! (HE SOLD US OUR HOME BEFORE ALL THIS TOO!)

I hope this shows that no matter your profession, you can have fun marketing photos to go with! I encourage all my entrepreneurs to have fun with their branding and would LOVE to photograph your ideas for you!! Or we can come up with them together too! // home base is in Little Rock, Arkansas

Please find Jay at //


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