Permanent Connection, North Carolina Family Session

Permanent Connection, North Carolina Family Session

I hope I can transport you into their moment together in these images. But, I figured it might be best if mom told her side.

Faith; the word that strikes me the most. It is where it all began and it’s where it remains. It comes by no surprise that marriage is not always easy. Ours, in its short 3.5 years has been through quite a bit. Too many goodbyes, but just as many hello’s. Military. 2 beautiful babies…the list could go on. I just have to tell you that when we walked into this shoot our faith was dwindling. My husband generally does not love getting photos taken but he took a leap of faith and chose to do this for me. The result was more than one could’ve ever imagined. The entire session captured a beautiful and raw moment reaching for that faith; from dropping all the walls and just loving on everything that we made together – to actually seeing it captured from a different perspective.

Thank you a million times and more for being that stepping stone; a reminder that everything you want can still be right there in front of you. Sometimes you just have to look at it through a different lens.”


Session taken during my Reverie Photographers Workshop in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Photographed session with my Canon EOS R, 24mm + 35mm + 50mm fixed lenses.

Loved editing this session with Tricia Victoria Poet Pack Lightroom Presets.



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