Oklahoma Workshop Summer 2024


June 4th -6th

THIS SUMMER, we are going to have some fun with the heat, the City and the Refuge!

First, let’s tear down the city with an awesome Couples Shoot!! In the past I have done rooftop sessions, elopement style, rollerskating themed.. I am all for making it fun for my models and attendees. Trying something new, pushing our boundaries! The details of the styling and couple will be given in our private FB group!

THEN! Taking a gorgeous family of 5 to the Wichita Mountains! If you haven’t been there yet, it really is serene with the wild buffalo roaming and the rolling hills.

Session below is from the last Oklahoma Workshop:

OUR HOUSE! It has a pool!! Perfect for the summer heat and some fun picture time for us and our group!!


When: June 4th – June 6th, Oklahoma City.

This will be max’d out at 7 attendees. Two attendees per room. Overnight stay on the 4th and 5th! My workshops are like giant sleepovers, late night talks, using up ALL the time to shoot, edit, discuss, network, unplug and be in the presence of others.

DETAILS: This is open to any level of photographer. You will forever grow and learn in this industry and being surrounded by others in your field is the best thing you can surround yourself with. Also, laughing and creating is THE best thing for your soul. I just ask that you show up with an open heart and mind to allow allllll the creativeness to pour right into you!

Pricing of the workshop includes your stay, education, styled shoots, snacks + wine in house and I can fit majority into my Yukon for transportation during workshop!

Deposit: $500 to secure your spot.

Total cost of workshop is $1800 – minus deposit (three split payments of $434)

How to apply: Please email me at Hello@HaileyFariaPhotography.com to let me know a little about yourself and why you would like to attend a Reverie Workshop!


Intimacy has the ability to show up in every part of your life. From the conversations you have, to the hugs you share, to the unspoken energy. It’s there and it’s my favorite place to be. I seek to be in the wave of intimacy when my hand and eye meet another.  I seek to be in the intimate adage of verbal and physical transactions.