Noon in The City.. Oklahoma City Session

Creating is for everyone.. there is no wrong time of day to create either. My gorgeous friend Rachelle Boyer and I decided the night before to show up in the City and shoot. She stopped at a thrift store to pick up some funky pieces of clothing, we met for coffee and did and interview with Woven Storytelling – amazingly recorded by Shawn Byrne.. and started immediately shooting in a random bush at The Parlor downtown. First picture is a stranger that jumped in the shot as I was setting up my camera, perfect illustration to show “what you see vs. what a photographer sees.”

Shot at noon with the highest harsh sun available.. made for some fabulous shadows and contrast. Embrace it all, my friends!

Intimacy has the ability to show up in every part of your life. From the conversations you have, to the hugs you share, to the unspoken energy. It’s there and it’s my favorite place to be. I seek to be in the wave of intimacy when my hand and eye meet another.  I seek to be in the intimate adage of verbal and physical transactions.