I have learned (and continue to learn) over the past nine years on what has and hasn’t worked. Also, how to create an environment for my sessions to roll with my creative style. This has not been an easy task but it has been the most rewarding. There is so much to learn about who you are as a person in this industry – you will grow exponentially if you allow it. The fact that you are reading about a mentorship shows your desire to pursue this passion as a career.

My belief is that if you want this profession to be a lifelong career – take it slow. Learn, master, learn again and master again. If everything you want to learn is “important,” than nothing is important. Meaning, each year I decide on what I need to focus on the most and make sure I put everything into that. What do you need to focus on the most right now? Let’s work on that! Talk to me…


This is done online via Zoom! We will go over everything that I cover in workshops and in person mentorships. Let’s go over your website, social media, branding and wording on these platforms.

Send me a handful of images via WeTransfer to edit for you on our shared screen. I will use LR presets and Photoshop tools and actions to help achieve an edit you desire.

Let’s look at your emails, communication material and how to attract clients from the moment they reach out to you.

I will show you how I style sessions. Where I shop, and  alllll that goodness !

This will be a 3 hour conversation but it doesn’t end there, I promise. You can follow up with me anytime after our session.


Deposit of $400 due at booking, remainder due day before.


Following our IN-DEPTH sit down at a local joint (2.5 hours), we will go to a real life shoot during golden hour.

If you are a family photographer, then it will be of a family. There is no way of preparing children, so interacting and creating the mood + connection will be authentic. All families will be styled by me and I will walk you through that process.

Couples sessions are SO much fun, if you want to improve on your posing for couples, we will try to find two locations and/or two outfits  for their shoot after our sit down!


Deposit of 500 made with booking, remainder due day of

  • May not be in 90 mile radius of Little Rock, AR.
  • Travel fees do apply if coming to you.

What do I share?

Everythang. My gear, my styling techniques, pricing, editing…

Share with me what you are wanting to focus on, what you are fearful of and we will do our best to conquer these together!

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