Being a photographer is not always easy. I know this because over the the past 5 years of hosting workshops and getting to know women intimately, I have seen and heard the struggles. I also know the impact it has had on them knowing they have a friend in me and other women. So I Created Something for Women Only.

(a private instagram account)

This will be a personal, plus business and about YOU account.


Private Instagram Account for Women Only

Business Life to Share Over Time

  • What I will be sharing on this account is unmuted Behind the Scenes so you can hear my prompts.
  • Sharing wardrobe I would style or am styling clients! 
  • Answering questions submitted to me with freedom for others to give wisdom as well.
  • My journey into 35mm film.
  • Sharing my galleries. 
  • Editing with different presets.
  • Music I play at sessions / sharing songs.
  • Openly sharing feelings about being a photographer.
  • Inspiration and posts to keep you motivated and encouraged.
  • Live videos with other photographers. 


  • Access to me! Send me DM’s and I will respond! 
  • Interact with posts/stories to learn from me and each other.
  • Gallery reviews or raw images to edit, send them to me! 
  • I will also spotlight someone each week, bc this isn’t just about me, it is about a community of women being vulnerable and caring.


I share “a lot” on my current IG account as you may already know..but not to the extent that I do when I know specifically who I am speaking to. I am a mom of two, in my 30s and have been married for 18 years. I have been a full time photographer for 11 years and I know what it is like trying to manage fitness and health. I love self care (Botox + supplements lol) Being a friend and having girlfriends is probably one of the biggest rewards I have received out of this career. I cherish alone time too, but you will find me in a crowd at a concert on any given day and listening to thousands of hours on Spotify. The obsession with house plants and now transforming a space to shoot at my house in also is something I am openly sharing.


This is a subscription based account.
Women only, join from your main account only.
Photographers recommended, not required.
If it is not for you, cancel

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